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Sunday, August 03, 2008

A trip to the Laos border to see friends.

A couple of weeks ago we went to the country and we mean the countryside in all senses of the word! It was so far out, but we had a great time and got great lanugage practice! The purpose of the trip was a see a couple that Kris had first met in Dallas. He is Laotian (but now a US citizen), and she is Thai and they are now married trying to start churches amongst their local people group. They have a daughter Moriah's age and they had a blast together.
These pictures are taken in the nearest city about 40 km away. In the background you can see Laos. We really want to go into Laos, but as US citizens, we have to pay both to get into Laos and also to get our visas renewed to reenter Thailand. As a family this would cost us around $175. So we have not gone yet.

Moriah and her new friend!

Overall we did a poor job of taking picture of the countryside views. Here are a couple. One of the challenges of our trip was Moriah, me, and the sqatty potties. Out in the country especially there are few toilets as we Americans know them to be. Moriah began potty training right after her birthday so it was time for us to conquer the squatty potties.....Overall Moriah has done an awesome job with potty training very very few accidents etc, but let me just tell you this sqatty potty thing requires some great skill (mostly on mommies part!!!) I will not go into all the details, but let me just tell you my feet were wet and smelly most of the trip! Yuck! I am trying to find some local mom's to teach me this much needed skill. Some people say that boys are harder to raise, but with potty training and sqatties....I think boys have got it made :)


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