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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Moriah's first (REAL) hair cut!
I gave Moriah a french braid the other day and noticed how many dead ends she had and thought...ok it is time for her first hair cut. (Well, her foster mom told me that she gave her a hair cut before she came home, but I am not sure what that amounts to.) Her hair was only a couple of inches from her waist. So we went to the lady down the street who does our toenails. She adores Moriah so much and had a great time cutting her hair. Now her hair is about 3 inches below her shoulders....Lots of hair for a 24 month old!


Blogger Juanita said...

She is getting cuter all the time! I can't believe that her hair was already just above her waist. Bryttain is 30 months and hers is only a little way past her shoulders...she WAS pretty bald until she was 1 year old though.

10:43 AM  

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