Ellis Gang

Monday, September 17, 2007

Our 14 month old!
Moriah is all about wearing her shades lately. She is so funny with them on and she looks so very cute. Just the other day she got her ears pierced. You can kinda see it in the pic below.

We had a Latin American worship service and I thought it only fitting that Moriah wear her native Guatemalan dress. This is the style dress little girls wear in the province Moriah is from.

This has been a busy month. Like I continually keep saying, Moriah is growing up so fast. She is so friendly to everyone she meets, and is always waving. One of her friends has taught her has to do the formal Thai greeting.

Pops and Gramsey came to visit us over the Labor day Holiday and we all had a wonderful time seeing some of the historical places in Virginia.

In class Moriah is learning so much and she loves playing with her classmates. Last week she made one of her first art projects, and we as proud parents have it hanging up.