Ellis Gang

Monday, August 27, 2007

Well we have been in Virginia for three weeks now. Moriah began walking on her own a few days after arriving here. Now she loves to walk by herself (miss independent) all over the place. She is saying so many words like... ball, bird, mama, dada, butterfly, bannana, flower, I love you, and thank you...

I think most people here know Moriah more than us. She is so popular with her friendly smile and genuine love for people. Right now, I think she is cutting four teeth, so you can imagine the pain in all of that process.

She is loving her class and the new friends she has made. Of course she still cries a bit when we drop her off, but then she is fine. This weekend Pops and Gramsey are coming to visit us, so we are all looking foward to seeing them again. And I know for sure Moriah has missed them both so much.

This small video has taken multiple attempts, so hopefully after an hour of work, (the connection is very slow here), Iwill be able to post this video so you all will be able to see our little darling walking... =-) Also just so you know, Gramsey bought Moriah shoes with squeakers in them, which she absolutley loves, to encourage her to walk. I guess the squeakers did the job, cause she is walking.

Well I finally got the video to work after much effort. Sorry it is so short, but this is all it would let me upload. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

First we apologize for the long delay in adding pictures and posts. There has been so much going on in our lives this past month.

We are in a new state as of today, (Virginia). We will be here for a two month trainning before we head off to Thailand in October. Moriah was sad to say goodbey to Gramsey and Pops this morining and she misses them very much.

Tomorrow while Mommy and Daddy are in class Moriah will spend part of the day in a class with new friends. This will be her first time to spend longer periods of time away from Moomy and Daddy on a regular basis. Here she will learn how to transition to moving overseas, (I guess as much as they can with a one-year-old. Below are a few pictures we took while spending time with family before leaving.

PS... Now that we only have dial-up it takes so long to upload pictures, so we can't post as many.