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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Portriats in Thailand are not the same as in America!

Some friends recommended a studio that takes pictures in a local shopping center. We went expecting a photographer, maybe a few props and some nice backgrounds. When we got there we found lots of really busy backgrounds, tons of props, and a photographer that it was not part of his job to position the people which is especially hard with a 2 year old involved. In addition you had to choose your exact package you wanted before you even took your pictures which was so hard since we didn't even know what pics we would be taking. We chose a package that included 4 pictures. We paid a little extra to get the disk. They are semi good, but I was disappointed as this was not what I had in mind. Cute picture, but not showing off her cute smile.
I love her smile in this picture, but you can see me in the background in the mirror and due to her holding the ball which the photographer insist she hold you can't see her pretty dress.
Moriah's legs look a little awkward and she is not smiling, but this one turned ok I guess.
This I thought was the best one. It is a very natural pose for Moriah. We were playing the Thai version of Peek-a-Boo.

A Few More Pictures from Moriah's Birthday!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

As promised...more birthday party pics!!!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Moriah's 2nd Birthday Party
We can hardly believe our little girl has turned 2 already. We had a super fun party with over 30 in attendance. The kids played in the little pool and in the sprinker. I didn't get many good pics, but a friend did so I will post those when she gives them to me. We ate hotdogs, fried rice, chicken, and fruit. Moriah had a blast! Such a blessing to share our little blessing with those God has put in our lives here. We missed family and friends back home so very much! Will post more soon of opening gifts as well as more water pics.

Moriah, our helper Banyen and Elliot

Kids playing in the water...notice here in THailand they don't wear bathing suits to play in the water...just plain clothes.

Our decorated dining room before the party.

Everyone enjoyed the strawberry cake I made. I asked Moriah what flavor she wanted and she quickly responded strawberry!!!A few of the grown up guests.

Meeting Time!
We were blessed to be able to attend a meeting with some other people from our company the last two weeks of June. Our hotel was on the beach, but this particular beach had lots of trash and stunk pretty bad. But the meeting was full of fun having corporate worship for the first time in 8 months, visiting friends, and hearing what God is doing around the world. Here are a few pics we took there. (The first one is at a near by aquarium.)