Ellis Gang

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Scoop about Poop

Well if you were in our house recently you might be asked by a certain little angel a question like "Potty or Poop" while you are doing your business in the bathroom. I guess this was just the prelude to her first poop in the toilet today! Yes, I am so proud. She told me, poop poop which usually she tells me when she has already pooped in her diaper. However, today she walked into the bathroom so I thought...well I guess we will give this a try! So we did and after a bit down came a little pebble! And we clapped and celebrated!!!!!!


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wow, we finally have internet and I can post from home again. I have not taken many good pics lately which is a shame but here are a few of the interesting conversations I have had with Moriah who is quickly approaching her 2nd B-day on July 6!

This was 2 days ago. I was washing the dishes and I told Moriah to that when I was done it would be nap time. Well after a few minutes and I finished washing the dishes I said ok Moriah what time is it (thinking she would say no not nap time) and she lifted up her arm looked at her wrist and in a very confident voice she said "2:30" I couldn't believe it. How funny that she has already has an understanding of time.

Today Moriah told me she had some money in her pocket. I said oh really how much? She said 3 baht (baht is the Thai currency). I said oh really that much...what are you going to do with your money? She said that she is going to Big C (kind of like Walmart) to buy milk and eggs. She then told me bye bye and when outside and got on her tricylce to go to the store.....I thought wow! She really has quite an understanding for her age.

Last night, I was getting Moriah's jammers on to get her ready for bed. She looked over at the wall and noticed our shadow's on the wall. She pointed at my shadow and said Mama, and then pointed at her shadow and said Moriah. I was so shocked. We have never told her about shadows. I guess she just recognized us!

Our helper, Ban, that watches Moriah told me this happened the other day. Ban was cleaning the glass doors. She said she wasn't quite done yet and Moriah was saying, "Ban, Ban" and pointing at a spot that she thought Ban had missed. Ban said she just cracked up laughing that she was helping her in this way.

Ban also told me this story. Last week we had some people planting grass in our front yard. Ban said Moriah walked outside, stood on our front porch and then raised her hands, closed her eyes and began singing very passionately. The yard workers asked Ban what she was singing about. Ban (who has been a Christian almost 10 years) told them that Moriah was singing about Jesus which gave her a chance to share a little about who Jesus is.......

I am praying that many will know Him through her kind heart!!!

Some of Moriah's favorite things to do currently are to make play food, serve tea, play do and color. SHe loves to watch Seasame Street and asks to watch it by saying Big Bird repeatedly. Moriah is a great singer. I would guess she knows at least parts of over 20 songs. She is getting very good at singing her ABC's and enjoys singing praise songs with mommy and daddy as well as her personal favorite "Jesus loves the little children". Moriah also really loves talking on the phone and especially on the webcam.

She is a definate joy. She has a very strong personality which tests our patiance from time to time, but she more than makes up for this with her servant helpful spirit!!!