Ellis Gang

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Easter in Thailand 2008

For Easter this year we were able to meet up with a few Americans here with CAmpus Outreach. It was a blessing. Here are a few pictures. PS...you know my mom sent this pretty Easter dress to her grauddaughter! :) I tried to post a bunch of pics, but since we don't yet have a house we don't have internet. Now I'm at an internet cafe and I can't get them all to post so here are just a few.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Catching up!!!

Well, we have gotten way way way behind on posting pictures on Moriah's blog. We have not had internet in quite some time, but I have found I nifty little internet cafe to post on. I will post a lot of pictures we have taken since January. Moriah has grown so much. She is speaking many words in English, Thai and Isaan. At first the transition of moving to Khon Kaen was hard on her, but is doing better now. She says most of her animal names in Thai. Some of her other favorite words are swim, gramsey, pops, up, down, eat, thank you, sawasdeekha, khopkhunkha, and ma (dog). The list goes on and on. We are praying that we will make friends soon for Moriah to play with. When we go to Bangkok, she loves to play with Caleb Casebolt! And, he really loves playing with her too!

This picture was taken at a little festival near the town we used to live in.
Here we are at Werakul's wedding. (He was one of Misty's first Thai friends that she met years ago at OSU). Misty spoke at his wedding..all in Thai!

Of course Moriah is an OSU fan! You can see she is showing they are #1. May sister's inlaws (the biggest OU fans ever!) They said it was the hardest gift they ever bought.

This is our family on Kris and I's 5th wedding anniversary! Not a lot of romance with your 1 year old with you, but she makes our family so much better even for anniversary celebrations.

A cute pic of Moriah with a dress Kris' mom bought her.

Moriah playing with her baby, in a picture with our new helper, P Banyen, and trying to escape the extreme heat playing in the sprinkler!!!!

March and April are the hottest months in Thailand. We are finding all kinds of ways to keep cool!